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Custom cabinetry and furniture:

If you have larger parcels of land or a big commercial building, we can help you turn it into a useful project. We have developed a network of the right engineers, architects, environmental researchers, and legalists that combine to make these types of projects manageable, especially when we infuse our construction knowledge as to what the project wants to become and projecting its costs.  We can help you in creating multi-family buildings, sub-dividing larger parcels of land, or trying to split up a commercial building into functional, green, multi use office space.

Joe's heritage and training as a builder started at the young age of 5 in his home town of Rockford Ohio with his grandfather Cecil Jackson, a retired builder. Cecil had a flawless reputation as the master builder of choice, as did his sons, Joe's uncle Ted and father Charles. This kind of reputation did not happen by chance. It came by constantly providing a great service at a fair price.   FC2's commitment to perfection on each and every job, regardless of its size, is the same now as it was for Joe's grandfather Cecil and his sons.
*If you are building a new home, somebody might say "why are you talking to a remodeler to build your new custom home?". If you are simply looking to build a cheap "cracker box" house, then we are not the builder you need. However, if you want a house that is built with proven methods and procedures, scientifically tested best practices, and interesting designs and components, then we are the builder and a remodeler that you should consider.

Energy Consumption:

Custom Home Builders and Remodelers:

We have been both locally and nationally recognized for some of our designs and projects. Many of our designs have been featured in local and a couple national magazines. Joe has also contributed to several building trade specific web sites for input on various construction methods and their potential related problems. His design flair is one of the many things that separates us from our competition by combining great designs with leading edge energy saving practices and materials. His early training was rooted, no, driven and pounded in, of building it right, not wasting anything, and saving energy. This will never change as long as Joe has anything to say about it.

Land and commercial building development:

Design Build Contractors:


We design, specify, and build custom cabinetry right here in our shop. We carry salvaged and reclaimed wood and also FSC certified hardwoods and bamboo. Building "in" an old salvaged part or keepsake, provides a unique detail, but also a wonderful way to remember where it came from. If you have an old piece but maybe it needs some repairs or missing pieces replaced, we can help. If it seems to good to throw away, give us a call.

We have become a local source for all types of architectural salvage and we also get the calls to come and get those things that people can't use, (but they hate to see it go to the landfill).  We design and integrate those components into your home or project. There are times when we can't resist waiting to do something with an item we come across and we will create something that ends up in our little showroom for sale. We love to re-use antique doors, stairs, windows, glass, furniture, hardware, beams & lumber, fireplaces, tools, you name it. It doesn't get any greener than this and it is just good common sense.

After many years of the apparent need, approximately 4 years ago, FC2 started a separate division known as FC2CM. We have provided full and partial construction management services for investors,  property managers, architects, and various commercial and institutional organizations.  It has also worked wonderfully for home owners that want to ensure a proper job as they try to save money by being their own GC. Contact us to discuss how FC2CM can save you money and guarantee better job results.

If you are looking for concrete countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds, outdoor garden hardscape and/or furniture, we can help.
We have been forming and casting concrete components in our shop since 2008. Joe enrolled in a combined series of classes at Buddy Rhodes Concrete in San Francisco and Fu Ten Cheng's studio in Berkley. Learning the basics of mixes, pigments, plasticizers, glass fiber enhanced mixes were all he needed to get started in the right direction. Joe and Dustin took classes at Jeff Girard's Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh N.C.  Our concrete work is popping up in more and more places and the possibilities are truly endless.

Because of our intense adherence to making a building as energy efficient as it can be, we can turn that microscope onto your home or business. We can come up with ways to save you money, (GET GREEN). One of the best ways you can accomplish that is with using closed cell spray foam insulation, (ccspf). We're sorry to say, but if you don't want to use energy saving products and methods, then we are not the company to use. It is our sincerest hope that every builder uses, and every new project is done to these standards. We would love to provide you with information on this even if you have chosen another builder, (it benefits all of us).

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